Foresight Budgeting Complex solution of tasks for automation of planning and budgeting processes

Foresight Budgeting

Complex solution of tasks for automation of planning and budgeting in companies and enterprises that are sector-specific and complex in organization

Capabilities of the implemented solution

Less labor intensity and reduced time of preparation, approval and confirmation of budget, reporting

Improved transparency and availability of budget data

Compatibility and consistency of budget indicators on all budget model levels

Increased financial discipline, personal manager responsibility for budget planning results

The solution is aimed at

  • Setting up budget models, processes and budgeting regulations
  • Creating and approval of plans and budgets
  • Comparing plan and budget projects
  • Planning of operation, financial and investment activities
  • Preparing company’s main budgets
  • Consolidating budgets with elimination of inter-company transactions
  • Allocating budget purposes and limits
  • Building reports for plan and budget implementation
  • Analysis of plan and budget indicator data

Competitive advantages

  • The product is based on a multidimensional data model and Foresight Analytics Platform BI tools providing advanced reporting capabilities

  • Low cost of the system developed on the base of the Foresight Bugeting via preconfigured options and flexible built-in solution features to modify functionalities (MDM, indicator sets, algorithms, data entry forms and reports) without programming (by users, IT specialists)

  • Built-in mechanisms for setting up business processes and data approval routes (using budget model objects: indicators, forms, algorithms)

  • Open algorithms for calculation of budget model indicators with visual customization without programming

  • The product is included into the Unified Register of the Russian programs for Computers and Databases

  • User-friendly, ergonomic and intuitive interface

Architecture Overview


  • Setting organization structure and responsibility centers
  • Working with analytical slices of budget model
  • Working with indicators of budget model
  • Defining budget structure and budget form contents
  • Defining planning versions
  • Setting up custom budget forms (tables, cards, multisheets)
  • Setting up indicator calculation algorithms
  • Setting up indicator aggregation and consolidation rules
  • Setting up indicator allocation rules
  • Setting up algorithms for logic and arithmetic control of indicator values
  • Setting up integration adapters to third-party applications
  • Setting up rules of mapping primary actual data to operation budgets
  • Setting up drill-down rules from budgets by group up to the company level
  • Setting up budget process structure and contents (hierarchical process tree)
  • Setting up standard actions within a process (data entry, data load, calculation of indicators, approval, custom actions)
  • Setting up group actions/subprocesses (calling actions /subprocesses for a group of parameters, for example: by all subsidiaries and affiliates)
  • Setting up process managers and action owners
  • Setting up authorization objects (data sets with parameters)
  • Starting processes and execution monitoring
  • Setting up execution conditions and stopping processes and actions
  • Settings up user notifications about process and actions execution
  • Setting up scheduled process execution
  • Setting up time parameters of process and action execution
  • Building operation budgets
  • Building primary budget applications registry
  • Building budget responsibility centers
  • Calculating activity based cost (ABC)
  • Building actual indicators of operation budgets based on configured rules of mapping primary actual data into budgets
  • Building reports for budget implementation
  • Accounting and revision of inter-company transactions
  • Building consolidated budgets with elimination of inter-company transactions
  • Setting limits for budget indicators and setting up limit allocation rules by group companies (top-to-bottom budgeting)
  • Data drill-down from budgets by group up to the company level
  • Creating performance indicators
  • Analytical reports and dashboards by indicators

Helpdesk Support

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About Developer

Foresight is a Russian vendor and developer of innovative digital analytics platform, Platform-based products, mobile platform for creating secure mobile business application.

Currently, there are platform-based analytical systems used by customers in 70 countries to increase management efficiency and search of new business growth trends.

We develop standard BI solutions allowing corporate, government and banking companies to successfully solve analytical tasks.



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