Full cycle of credit transactions

Foresight Credit Management

Automated loan and investment bank activity starting from credit application reception to closing transaction

Implemented Solution

Reduces cost and human resources required for preparation and implementation of transaction and investment projects

Reduces time to prepare and create credit applications

Reduces human factor based errors

Reduces financial loss due to quality expert evaluation of transactions and investment projects

Improves the quality of customer services

Builds an analytical database to make correct management decisions

The product solves the following tasks

  • Creating and recording credit application received from different information channels (front office, sale points, E-banking or mobile banking, CRM, etc.)
  • Borrower's credit score and credit risk level of potential transaction
  • Evaluating borrower and his counterparts, detecting of fraud or unfair acts
  • Preparing and approval of credit and collateral documentation
  • Monitoring repayment discipline and actual borrower's activity
  • Monitoring bad debts and controlling interaction with debtors

Architecture Overview

Architecture Overview


  • Recording credit application
  • Underwriting of credit application
  • Making decision on credit application
  • Creating a credit
  • Credit maintenance
  • Business process management
  • Analytical reporting
  • Omnichannel application reception: bank front office (manager's desktop/web application), account (Internet portal), remote banking services (mobile application)
  • Populating product warehouse with data about applications recorded in bank CRM/ABS
  • Processing large amount of input data using In-Memory
  • Automatic selection of credit parameters based on requested customer conditions
  • Processing of different types and categories of customer applications (consultation, application submission, optimal condition selection, etc.)
  • Creating a credit via partner network (bank partners and sale points in retail)
  • Automated pre-scoring
  • Verifying credit score based on alternative sources (credit bureau, black lists, bailiff service)
  • Building internal borrower's scorings (application-scoring, behavioral-scoring, fraud-scoring)
  • Populating application with open source or paid data
  • Analysis of transaction collateral
  • Automated decision making support at different levels (authorized person, authorized body) from "microcredit to billion credit"
  • Automatic consolidation and preparation of documents required to make a decision on a credit application
  • Remote processing and voting on a credit application including mobile devices
  • Generating reserve according to regulator requirements
  • Evaluation and control of actual bank limits
  • Credit applications funding
  • Creating suspensive conditions and covenants of the future credit contract
  • Automated creation of the full set of credit and collateral documentation on credit application using standard MS Office tools
  • Automated approval of credit and collateral documentation between customer and bank; preparation and generation of disagreement protocols
  • Using digital signature to check document authenticity
  • Automated creation of accounts and bookings with recording all information in ABS
  • Tools to create and manage the archive of signed credit contracts
  • Regular monitoring of credit transactions including automated creation of all necessary documents and reports
  • Timely informing of credit manager about potential issues
  • Monitoring borrower's repayment discipline
  • Automated application of procedures to work with bad debts
  • Flexible and convenient tool to set up application route as a chart using standard elements of BPMN and BPMN 2.0 notations
  • Life cycle maintenance of credit application: from application reception by bank to application closing and archiving
  • Unified processes for various borrower's types and credit conditions, including processing of individual conditions
  • Creating tasks for business process participants with standardized assignment of agents, task execution alternatives, deadlines, tools
  • All required information about borrower and his application/request/contract is always available to agents along with a task to be executed
  • Viewing application route and current status (concluded and future steps)
  • Reporting on active applications (Pipeline)
  • Reporting on granted credits
  • Reporting on customers
  • Reporting on collateral
  • Reporting on limits and funding
  • Reporting on business processes
  • Reporting on employees' activity

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