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Foresight Mobile Platform

A modern product on the Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) market. The platform offers a comprehensive information security solution and universal tools to quickly and effectively develop protected mobile application based on popular mobile operating systems

Implemented Solution

Reduces time and material costs for mobile application development

Ensures highly automated development and testing

Reduces time spent on business process execution

Decreases burden on business systems due to data caching on mobile devices

Ensures information security due to data encryption

Create a single point of entry to a corporative segment for mobile users

Types of mobile business applications

  • Goods acceptance/issue
  • Maintenance service
  • Stocktaking
  • Warehouse inventory control
  • Process safety - SecureVision
  • VIP portal with analytics and reports containing commercially sensitive information
  • Business analysis
  • Reporting
  • Electronic document management system (EDMS)
  • Key figures
  • Supplier management
  • Stocks management
  • Creating a modern employer image
  • Non-financial motivation of employees
  • Questionnaires, checklists for managers
  • Employees training
  • Recruitment and certificate requests
  • Deputies management
  • News and anniversaries
  • Supplier account
  • Customer account
  • Mobile purchasing portal
  • Smart voice state assistant
  • Document approval via digital signature
  • State organization structure
  • Mobile database of orders and instructions
  • Application submission (vacation, business trip, etc.)
  • Time and attendance tracking of employees
  • Personal development priorities
  • Skill improvement

The product solves the following tasks

  • Reliable business process performance due to short-term stand-alone work of mobile application
  • Data access control
  • User authentication in accounting system, Active Directory, by mobile platform means
  • Scheduled pre-loading of big reference data
  • Cost saving on accounting system licenses
  • Visualization of big data arrays
  • Delta encoding transmission
  • Sending documents and analytical notes to mobile device
  • Approval via digital signature
  • Data encryption on mobile device
  • Data access control
  • Personal data protection
  • Sending documents
  • SMS, EMAIL, PUSH notifications for employees
  • Involving customers, suppliers, partners by sending SMS, PUSH notifications
  • Integration with payment systems
  • Personal and corporate information protection
  • Collecting customer actions analytics, customer routing
  • Annual planning (training, intracompany activities)
  • Financial and budgeting control
  • Indicators monitoring
  • Progress status and control
  • Mass media communication

Product benefits

Offline data access with a minimum time response to user actions

Allows developers and companies to quickly develop and implement mobile solutions

Authentication and authorization of users and devices in corporate systems

Contains a set of ready-to-use algorithms to solve routine tasks aimed at efficient data transmission, and data security protection modules

Russian product for building mobile applications based on open-source technologies
The product is included into the Unified Register of the Russian programs for Computers and Databases

Architecture Overview

Mobile architecture


Support of popular operating systems

Data transmission and storage

CORDOVA-based hybrid development (WEB view)

User authentication


Smart data exchange

Services for developers


Reliability, high availability

Information security

Helpdesk Support

Our specialists provide comprehensive technical support concerning all software product use to our customers and partners. To effectively and successfully work with our solutions, use various helpdesk support services.

About Developer

Foresight is a Russian vendor and developer of innovative digital analytics platform, Platform-based products, mobile platform for creating secure mobile business application.

Currently, there are platform-based analytical systems used by customers in 70 countries to increase management efficiency and search of new business growth trends.

We develop standard BI solutions allowing corporate, government and banking companies to successfully solve analytical tasks.



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