Foresight is software vendor delivering
Foresight Analytics Platform and solutions for data analysis


Foresight is a vendor of BI platform Foresight Analytics Platform designed to develop a wide range of business analytics solutions.

BI systems based on the Platform enable clients in 70 countries around the world to enhance management efficiency and discover new ways for business growth.

We deliver standard BI solutions that support various analytical needs of enterprises and organizations in the corporate, public and banking sectors.

Foresight Analytics Platform

Foresight Analytics Platform is the software enterprise solution that delivers both traditional BI and advanced analytics, and business process management (BPM) tools. Foresight Analytics Platform is an enterprise-scale solution used as an base IT platform for developing software applications that solve current and future tasks. Foresight Analytics Platform responds to actual global BI trends and performs a wide range of analytical tasks of any complexity.

Foresight Analytics Platform Benefits

Robust advanced analytics, modeling and forecasting capabilities and data mining

Flexible data analysis capabilities (web, desktop and mobile applications)

High performance provided by new caching mechanisms and in-memory technology

Integration into the existing IT infrastructure

Products & Solutions

Forecasting and analytical systems for the public,
corporate, and financial sectors


Comprehensive automation of the corporate financial and budgeting processes

Investment management

Comprehensive support for investment management tasks

Consolidated reporting

Automated generation of management reports by any group of business indicators

Credit management

Automated loan and investment bank activity starting from credit application reception to closing transaction

Mobile platform

Platform for design and implementation of analytics apps (large set of ready-made templates for solving typical tasks in one mobile platform)

Partner program

Foresight invests heavily in its Foresight+ partner network to promote advanced BI systems powered by Foresight Analytics Platform for various industry enterprises

Our partner programs cover various development and implementation tasks, including Foresight Analytics Platform licensing and application solutions for automation of investment and budgeting processes

System Integrators

IT companies that implement standard solutions powered by Foresight Analytics Platform and application solutions

Service Partners (SP)

Companies that implement standard solutions based on the entire Foresight product line, and provide production resources to Vendor or other program participants and customers to carry out projects for the implementation of standard solutions

Technology Partners

Software vendors that deliver technologies for Foresight-based solutions

OEM Partners

Software vendors that leverage the Foresight Analytics Platform to enhance the functionality of their software products

Training and support

We offer a wide range of learning programs. You will benefit from our unique competencies whether you are an existing or prospective user of the Platform-based solutions


You can choose from a variety of classroom and distance training courses in IT and Economics. Classroom courses are held at the Training Centers in Moscow and Perm, on customer's premises, or through on-site seminars


Foresight specialists provide our clients and partners with a comprehensive technical support on every aspect of the Platform-based solutions

Foresight Software Technical Support Conditions


Foresight Mobile Platform is compatible with the Russian Kubernetes-Based Platform Deckhouse


Foresight Analytics Platform is the Leader of the Gromov BI Circle 2023 Survey of Russian BI Platforms


Rosenergoatom Corporation Implemented a Budgeting Management System Based on Foresight Budgeting


Foresight Company Presented the Latest Version of Its Flagship Product – Foresight Analytics Platform 10.0

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