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Foresight Consolidated Reporting

The product for comprehensive solution of tasks for creating and management of reporting system for corporate and public customers

Implemented Solution

Decreases labor intensity of processes and dates of collecting, approval and input control of source data

Creates a single pool of verified, approved and consistent reporting indicators

Reduces risks of making unproven management solutions

Speeds up preparation and analysis of consolidated reporting, quickly creates new reports and brings them into service

The product solves the following tasks

  • Quick data analysis and visualization using OLAP and Dashboards
  • Building and maintaining MDM
  • Building data warehouse and report indicators
  • Integration with external data sources and setting up mapping for information exchange
  • Setting up processes and rules of primary data collecting and input control
  • Setting up calculation algorithms for calculated indicators
  • Setting up data quality management tools
  • Setting up data entry forms and consolidated reporting forms
  • Setting up creation, approval and publication of consolidated reporting

Product benefits

  • Open calculation algorithms of reporting indicators including visual setup without programming

  • Low cost of ownership of the system based on the product due to flexible self-service built-in product capabilities aimed at system functionality change (MDM, indicator sets, algorithms, data entry forms, and reports)

  • Built-in mechanisms of setting up business processes and data approval routes including investment model objects into processes (indicators, forms, algorithms)

  • The product is based on a multidimensional data model and BI tools of digital analytics platform providing advanced reporting creation

  • User-friendly, ergonomic and intuitive interface

Architecture Overview

Architecture Overview


  • Setting up MDM and multidimensional data warehouse to implement data collection
  • Setting up tools for caching multidimensional cubes (In-Memory)
  • Quick data collection form designer
  • Data entry into interactive data collection forms
  • Customized setup of data collection forms
  • Setting up ETL tools for integration with external data sources including web services
  • Setting up mapping for information exchange
  • Setting up checks and error notifications
  • Setting up data collection business processes
  • Working with calendar and collection rules
  • Notifications about data form fill-in times
  • Organizing and indicating input data collection and approval
  • Monitoring and control of data collection
  • Working with consolidated reporting indicators registry
  • Setting up calculation algorithms for calculated indicators
  • Setting up algorithms of indicators aggregation
  • Setting up formulas in algorithm calculated blocks
  • Setting up calculation rules of accumulated totals depending on indicator type
  • Setting up indicators connections and drill down rules
  • Setting up data quality assurance rules and forms
  • Setting up calculation and control of calculated indicators
  • Setting up rules and algorithms of indicator allocation
  • Setting up rules and algorithms of consolidated reporting indicators consolidation
  • Setting up interactive forms of consolidated reporting
  • Setting up connections and drill down rules in forms
  • Setting up creation and approval of consolidated reporting
  • Setting up event notifications
  • Verifying data in consolidated reports
  • Publishing forms and setting up access to them
  • Setting up pixel-perfect regular reports
  • Setting up OLAP reports for quick analysis of input data and consolidated indicators
  • Setting up dashboards for data visualization

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Foresight is a Russian vendor and developer of innovative digital analytics platform, Platform-based products, mobile platform for creating secure mobile business application.

Currently, there are platform-based analytical systems used by customers in 70 countries to increase management efficiency and search of new business growth trends.

We develop standard BI solutions allowing corporate, government and banking companies to successfully solve analytical tasks.



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