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Foresight Analytics Platform 9.5: Introducing the new release

11.01.2022 г.

Now users can use advanced capabilities of working with charts, custom class inspector, they can set up exceptions during code debugging.

Developers can use new capabilities of working with platform extensions: Calculation Algorithms, Business Process Management, Interactive Data Entry Forms, and Designer of Business Applications.

Special improvements have been made to optimization and productivity of Foresight Analytics Platform: the speed of updating tables and loading maps has increased, the amount of memory consumption has been reduced. For example, the speed of updating table cells in the web application has been increased more than two times. The speed of process monitoring opening has been increased by more than 1.5 times due to code optimization in the designer of business applications.

The vendor has also implemented a new platform API, developed recommendations for upgrade to version 9.6 and eliminated outdated interfaces, properties and methods.



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