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Foresight Mobile Platform solution has been adapted for development of Aurora OS based applications

15.12.2021 г.

The Foresight company has developed a software complex for quick development of client applications for Aurora OS working via the Foresight  Mobile Platform transport layer, which is deployed in the customer infrastructure and can be easily integrated with all known enterprise information systems (1C, SAP, SED solutions, CRM, ERP, MS SQL Server based DBMS, Oracle, PostgreSQL, etc.).

For example, the Foresight company solution significantly simplifies development of mobile applications for Aurora OS for production tasks of maintenance and repair, warehouse management, production management, work management, accounting and mobile employee workstation.

Foresight Mobile Platform is a modern product in the Mobile Application Development Platform market. The product is included in the registry of Russian software.

Foresight Mobile Platform tools contain algorithms for transferring large amounts of data, which are characteristic for enterprise production processes in any business area. The platform makes it easier to develop corporate mobile applications based on Aurora OS, to reduce financial and time costs and to ensure a sufficient level of security.

Aurora OS is the only Russian mobile operating system, which, together with the Aurora Center mobile device management platform, allows creating trusted and flexible digital solutions for state and corporate clients, taking into account industry characteristics and the current legislative requirements. Aurora OS is included in the Common Registry of Russian Software, it is certified by the Russian Federal Service for Technical and Export Control and by the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation.

“Today, it is very important to allow customers to transfer quickly and without additional costs to the use of Russian solutions, which requires close cooperation of software developers. We highly estimate the capabilities and perspectives of Aurora OS in solving the tasks for Russian corporate customers gathering and plan to actively develop our technological partnership in the future”, - Oleg Bachurin, Head of Foresight’s Mobile Solutions Development Center, notes.

“We expect that the Foresight  Mobile Platform solution based on Aurora OS will help create many new quality applications that will help our customers build a trusted mobile complex infrastructure on a Russian solutions stack”, - Alexey Kogan, chief technology officer of the Open Mobile Platform company, comments.



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